2014 Season Car Show & Hang out will start May 29  Thursday
night 6:30pm at Waldbaums 156-01 Crossbay Blvd (back
parking lot) and will continue every Thursday night till the end
of the year ,weather permitting. There will be trophies &
plaques given out .
Everyone who wants to come is invited ,see you there ....
for more info call 718 713 2371
CURRENT                          EVENTS OR CAR CHAT   
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A year before the Lincoln penny was introduced, a little American ingenuity was revolutionizing the world in a way that
hasn’t been equaled.  Henry Ford and his team of investors and workers launched the Model T, a bargain that was too good
to pass up. Selling for $290, in 1908 the Model T cost less than a wagon and a team of horses, the preferred mode of
transportation at the time. Ford would eventually put the world on wheels, changing life in America and abroad, opening a
new world of travel, adventure and dreams to the common man.  Ford’s first car (which wasn’t the world’s first car), was the
Ford Quadricycle built in 1896. It took 12 years and many car models before he hit the jackpot with the Model T. Since
then cars have gotten bigger, faster, sportier, smarter and safer, and have gone through a multitude of design changes. Car
companies have come and gone, but America’s love and infatuation with the car lives on.
Crowds at car shows, whether large annual events or small events in parking lots across the country, are proof people still
love the automobile. Whether your favorite is a classic model from a defunct car company, such as Packard, a hotrod, or
restored model of a car still in production, like the Chevrolet Camaro or Ford Mustang, everyone has a favorite. Cars, their
size, design, style tell the life of America, our past, our present, and show with a little TLC and a lot of sweat and toil, we
can restore and refresh our dreams and relive our youth.
Anne Engardio is a freelance writer who grew up in metro Detroit. One of her first memories is watching cars go by the
house with her brothers. Although not a gearhead, she grew up to be somewhat of a car enthusiast, appreciating the beauty,
style, design and power of the automobile and enjoys writing for automotive websites such as She now
resides in Vista, California with her husband Tom.
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